Iconsgarden's story

January 20th, 2017

The development of the mobile application (mobile app) has intensively explored and provided many benefits for users.

As the portion of the development process, application icon (app icon) is essential in the comprehensible illustration of mobile apps. Developing the app icon for mobile devices requires considering the simplification but must impress and symbolize the context of the mobile app. Improving the visibility and ranking of the mobile app in the app stores is also the main approaches of the app icon. In addition, the emotional effect of the app icon on users is very important. Therefore, Iconsgarden aims to entirely help the developer’s job to be easier.

What makes Iconsgarden different from others?

  •  There is a vast of services on online marketplaces. Differently, Iconsgarden offers a specialized service with the app icon in order to help customers the easiest way to look for icons, designers, and ideas.
  •  Iconsgarden focuses on providing the best service and quality for customers. Iconsgarden care reasonable and high quality of app icon instead of the cheapest place to buy icons or a price war among icon designers. We are proud that Iconsgarden is a qualitative and professional icon market.

Why is Iconsgarden the best choice?

With strict rules, Iconsgarden strongly ensures the absolute quality for customers. Together with the respect for the customers, all the app icons are uploaded according to our regulations and requests. We have four basic and important requirements for the icon designers:

  • 72 dpi resolution: All of the app icon designs are in 72 dpi, RGB, flattened, no transparency.
  • Grid and Keyline: We developed a golden ratio grid system that can be used to size and align elements on the icon correctly.
  • Lighting & Color: Colors are selected and thoroughly tested before publishing in the garden.
  • Editable PSD: Psd vector icons are not merged and have preserved shapes with separate layers.

Firstly, designers are required to upload one free icon to scale their design skill. Our reviewers will check and approve them as the authors. Then the icon designers could start uploading premium app icons.

With Iconsgarden, you easily compare and find the designers who have an impressive style so you can find out the preferred icons with appropriate price for short a period of time.

If you do not find the app icon which suits your mobile app or you have your own concept, please submit and consult your idea with us, we will turn what you are thinking into a complete reality app icon for FREE.


Iconsgarden intends to open the custom app icon service to satisfy the customers for the future. With 3 simple steps, you can easily have your own icon for your app.

  • Step 1: Fill the information regarding your game/app.
  • Step 2: Set budget and time frame.
  • Step 3: Sellect the designers.

If you expect to possess a unique icon just for your app/game, this custom app icon design service is perfect for your choice.

We are trying to maintain the best quality to satisfy customers. Iconsgarden creates the place to support designers and developers making what they expect. We are so pleased to receive any comment and support information from everyone. Please feel free to send your feedback to [email protected]