2. Designer's handbook

A step by step guide for an approved icon

This article outlines each step of the upload process for Iconsgarden. Follow it as you upload your icons to ensure that your submissions meet our formatting and technical standards.


Name & Description

Your item name and description must accurately describe your item and its elements. They should both provide relevant information that makes it easy for buyers to find icons meeting their needs.

The name field should always be relevant, concise, and professional looking. The following are examples of good and bad naming practices:

  • Good:

“Baby Car” – Capitalize the first letter in each word. Small words like “of” and “an” may be lowercase.

  • Bad:

“this is also not acceptable” – Do not use all lowercase.
“Baby Car icon” – Do not use” icon", “app icon", “IOS" or “Android"
“Beautiful Car” or “The Best Car” – Do not use subjective words like brilliant, amazing, or best. These words describe your opinion rather than what the file actually is.
“Username – File Name” – Do not append your username or any other less-relevant information to the file name.
“Apple-like Design” – Do not describe what your item is similar to in its title, describe what it actually is.
"Awesome Building Hotel Application" – Do not name the icon too long

Your description must accurately describe the meaning of your icon design and why the buyer should buy it. You should not include links to external, competing services including items for sale on your own website.


Accepted file formats

  • Icon image:

You need to upload 1024 px squared PNG icon image. Make sure your icon image is an accurate representation of your icon. Your icon image must not contain trademarks or images of celebrities.

Please make sure you use Iconsgarden grid to design the icon, you can download the icon grid here



Sample for icon name: Monster.png

  • Mockup image:

To promote your app icon on the social networks, please design an nice app icon preview image with 1200 x 630 pixels size. You should download this icon mockup image template.



You can use this template to design a nice app icon promotion image which helps you increase the sales, this's an example:



Sample for mockup image name: Monster_icon_mockup.png

  • Main File: 

Save your main files into a .zip folder, including 1024 px squared PNG and PSD editable source file, License free & License premium (please notice you need to include both: free & premium license)

Please download this approved icon for sample.



You need to organize your PSD follow the image below:



There are two main layers: "Icon_grid_by_iconsgarden" and "App_icon"

Inside "App_icon" layer, there are two main layers: “Design" and “Background"



The PSD must be editable and organization. You need to name each layer, you can't leave the layer or group layer like "Layer 1" or "Group 1"



There are two sentences in Free license:

you must attribute it to author_username / iconsgarden
<a href="http://www.iconsgarden.com">Designed by author_username / iconsgarden</a>

You need to replace “author_username” by your username.

Sample zip file name: Monster.zip



Choose a suitable category for your icon (Select maximum to 3 categories)




Tags should be lower case, separated by commas, spelled correctly (using American Standard English) and should relate to your item, its specifications and its possible uses. Do not use the same tags for every item. Each tag must be relevant to the item it is applied to. You may enter up to 15 tags.

Do not use subjective tags like free, freebies, free icon, awesome, best, beautiful. These tags describe your opinion rather than what the icon actually is.

Please Note: Tags may be more than one word eg. “community service”, "trick-or-treating"