2. Designer's handbook

Tips and tricks for improving your sales on Iconsgarden

Here we collected a list of actions you can take if you wish to keep increasing your downloads on Iconsgarden.  In no particular order:
More is more

There is a direct correlation between the number of icons a designer has on the site and total sales. Quality is also very important but the ideal scenario is to have a lot of high quality, unique icons.


New Styles

Line and Filled-line icons are very popular right now. Icon design trends can change rapidly (every time Google or Apple changes styles). It is important to keep up with the trends which translate into customer demand.


Tell Stories

We have observed that icon sales are trending towards more complex icons that tell stories or depict actions. Whereas "noun" icons used to be popular, "verb" icons (showing actions) seem to be selling more.


Distinguish yourself

Icon design seems to be self-influencing in that when a particular style or color scheme becomes popular, everyone copies it . Try branching out into some completely new styles to make your icons stand out. This is risky, of course, so start small and create an SEO set that is completely different to see how it goes. 


Promote yourself

Incorporate as many channels as possible in promoting your work from Dribbble, Behance to Pinterest, FB, Twitter, etc. The more people who know you sell icons, the more customers you will have. It takes a while but building your following up on social media, specifically with potential customers (designers, app developers, etc) will have a positive impact.


Do some guest blog posts

If you have an idea for an article for our blog that you think will be interesting to potential customers, write up a summary and email it to [email protected]. This is a great way to get exposure.


Post new icon regularly

Keeping a good pace at uploading new icon sets will give you more visibility. You can be featured on our frontpage and also on your Iconsgarden followers’ front pages. So we suggest to upload at least 1 icon per week (maybe simple free app icon design) for the followers.


Post free icons regularly

People love getting free stuff. Sometimes, all you need is the power of the word “FREE”, it’s a great way to marketing and to show your design skill.

Free information is also great because you have to do very limited advertising to draw customers to it—if you’re giving away something worthwhile, trust us, they will find your icons.


Come up with better tags

The ideal number is between 4 and 7 tags per icon and it can make your icons rank better in the search results. But be careful in not spamming your icons with tags, as that will influence your sales negatively.